Electronic multiple entry 9 weeks’ visa to Singapore for just 49 USD. Processing time is 2-3 working days. You can also use an urgent service if a visa is required in 24 hours or if processing to take place during weekends or public holidays. In such a case a fee of 98 USD is applied.

Documents required to apply for a visa:

- Copy of a travel document (e.g. passport);

- Digital colour photograph.

- Completed application form.

Who can apply?

Passport holders of the following countries can apply:

- Armenia
- Azerbaijan
- Belarus
- China
- Georgia
- India
- Kazakhstan
- Kyrgyzstan
- Moldova
- Myanmar
- Russia
- Tajikistan
- Turkmenistan
- Ukraine
- Uzbekistan

Please fill the form and email it to us on There is no need to sign the form as your information will be transferred to the online portal of the Immigration Authority.

Payment options:

- with a credit or debit card through online payment systems PayPal
- bank transfer to an account in Singapore, Russia
- by cash in our office if you have friends or relatives living in Singapore

If you already have or are just about to send us your documents, you can make a payment through PayPal for the required service right now using your credit card. Even if you do not have an account with Paypal, you can still pay as a guest user. Select the required service, enter your name and email and click on the Pay Now button; you will be able to specify the number of visas you are paying for on the next page. Additional 5% will be added to the total – this is what PayPal charges us for transactions.
URGENT SERVICE for 1 working days

NORMAL SERVICE for 2 working days

Please note that we DO NOT sell tickets entitling an individual to travel, or otherwise arrange for a person a right of passage on any conveyance! We DO NOT sell to, or arrange or make available for, a person rights of passage to, and hotel or other accommodation at, one or more places (being places within or outside Singapore, or some of which are within and others of which are outside Singapore). We DO NOT purchase for resale the right of passage on any conveyance. However, we can refer you to our partners, licensed tour guides, who would be able to arrange individual excursions with a Russian speaking guide.

* The decision on granting and validity of the visa is made by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.